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About CCC - Your Cairns Anti Wrinkle Specialists
CCC has been created from Dr Ro’s passion for excellence in all facets of cosmetic treatments, skin care and cosmetic medicine

Dr Ro’s Cairns Cosmetic Clinic will prescribe professional, holistic and personalized goals, with access to all leading products. Cairns Cosmetic Clinic understands the care and understanding necessary to produce real results to one’s health, wellbeing, lifestyle and personal presentation. When you are guided by Dr. Ro, your individual needs will be tailored in a professional, bespoke and caring environment, you will be empowered to look and feel your confident best.

CCC Introduces you to the latest aesthetic technology and techniques and our treatments can be tailored to fuse to your lifestyle and suit your individual goals.

CCC fully appreciates that your treatments need to be as comfortable and as pain free as possible.

Dr Ro will use a special blend of anesthetic cream that works very effectively for numbing the face and lips and neck.

In addition we use Entonox gas system that provides rapid acting anesthesia with short recovery time after a procedure. Please ask Dr Ro for more information or if you are particularly sensitive.

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Dr Ro Goel


London born and trained, Dr Ro has over 20 years of experience as a Medical Doctor and 10 years experience in Cosmetic medicine. He completed his medical degree in Central London in 2001 at Kings College as well as a Batchelor of Science in Psychology with Honours from University College London. He then went onto work at several prestigious teaching hospitals in Central London completing his Memberships of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and General Practitioners as well as post graduate qualifications from the Royal Colleges of Paediatrics and Obstetricians & Gynaecologists.

With an interest in holistic health Dr Ro has studied acupuncture, diving medicine, homeopathy and herbal medicine. He studied cosmetic injectables under Mr Adrian Richards Plastic Surgeon in 2011.

Since then he has completed further studies with Dr Mauricio De Maia Plastic Surgeon and global ambassador for Allergan. He is currently studying for his Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine and subsequent membership of the prestigious Cosmetic Physician College of Australia. He is currently a Member of the Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine.

He has many passions outside of work with a love of the ocean, music, fashion and V8 engines.

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Dr. Ro’s credentials include:

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, Kings College, University of London
Bachelor of Psychology First Class Honours, University College London,
Fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
Member of Royal College of General Practitioners UK
Member of Royal College of Physicians UK
Member of Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine
Diploma of Child Health UK
Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology UK
Advanced Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine, Health Cert
Member of The Australian Academy of Anti Ageing Medicine (A5M)

Diploma in Family Planning & Sexual Health UK
Licensee of the Faculty of Homeopathy UK
Certificates in Medical Acupuncture and Electroacupuncture UK
Certificates in Basic and Advanced Hyperbaric Medicine, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine, University of Queensland
Certificate in Skin Cancer Surgery, University of Queensland
Certificates in Theoretical and Bespoke Medical Aesthetics UK
Certificate in MD Codes Distinction Dermal Filler Training Allergan
Certificate in PRP Training Face Academy
Certificate in Training in Fat Dissolving Deoxycholic Acid Allergan
Certificates in Training in Vivace Fractional RF + Ultracel Q HIFU - Cynosure
Professional Diploma of Aesthetic Medicine


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Working with the leading industry professionals including
Cairns Botox
Cairns Filler
Cairns Anti Wrinkle
Cairns Cosmetic Injections
RF Needling Cairns
Botox Cairns
Filler Cairns
Anti Wrinkle Cairns
Cosmetic Injections Cairns
Cairns RF Needling
Cairns Filler
Cairns Botox
Cairns Anti Wrinkle
Cairns Cosmetic Injections
Cosmetic Injections
Cairns Botox
RF Needling Cairns Botox Cairns
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Cairns Cosmetic Clinic is a fully licensed Cairns botox (botulinum toxin injections) clinic that is operated by the owner and founder, Dr Ro Goel, who is the only provider of these services in the area with a medical degree. One of our popular services that we provide is our Cairns Filler procedures where we use the latest technologies and treatments to professionally decrease lines and wrinkles. Our Cairns Anti Wrinkle services are vast and vary in methodology with simpe and more advanced procedures available at our clinic. We provide Cairns Cosmetic Injections that really work because Dr Ro has the highest level of medical education in the region and understands how applications of these injections has the most benefit. Our RF Needling Cairns services are class leading in the region with Dr Ro having much more advanced learning in this niche area than any other local provider meaning that you will be entrusting this procedure to a medical doctor with high qualifications.


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